MENU Specialties

Chef Specialties

Duck in Red
Sliced roasted duck simmered in Panang Curry sauce with string beans, bell peppers, and herb.


PepperPepper Shrimp Delight


House curry with shrimps, string bean, carrot, and broccori in coconut milk.


PepperPepperPepper Classic Salmon Noodle Soup

With sliced salmon, fish balls, fish cake, mushrooms and mixed vegetables in spicy cream tom yum broth
Pepper Shrimp Supreme


Choice of steamed rice or small rice noodles with shrimps and vegetables topped

with peanut curry sauce.


PepperPepperPepper Golden Noodles 11.95
Duo of crispy and soft egg noodles with choice of chicken, marinated beef or tofu with red onion and cilantro in spicy coconut curry sauce.
PepperPepper Shrimp and Tofu Curry 13.95
Shrimp and tofu with herbs, carrots, string bean, bell peppers in coconut milk.

Sweet Soy Salmon Noodle   13.95
Grilled salmon, sesame seeds and bok choy topped with sweet sauce over egg noodles.

fish balls,and

 vegetables in coconut milk soup.



Pepper Spicy
PepperPepper Hot and Spicy
PepperPepperPepper Very Hot and Spicy