MENU "Yum" Salads

“Yum” Salads

 PepperPepper   Papaya Salad
Shredded green papaya and shrimps mixed with chili, vegetables and crushed peanuts

in delicious house dressing.


PepperPepper Tangy Chicken Salad

Shredded chicken tossed with spicy lime juice and fresh spices.


PepperPepperPepper Larb of Chiang Mai

Minced chicken tossed in a spicy lime dressing with an exotic blend of spices and vegetables.


Lucky Salad

Shredded cabbage mixed with streamed shrimps, mint, crushed peanut 

and carrots in lime juice dressing.

PepperPepperPepper Yum Mama

Mama noodle tossed with chicken, shrimps, squids, immitation crab meat, 

   and vegetables in spicy lime sauce.


PepperPepperPepper Spicy Beef Salad

Grilled marinated sliced beef tossed with onion, scallion, cilantro, lemongrass in spicy limedressing.


PepperPepperPepper Shrimp on the rock

Grilled shrimps tossed in lime juice with lemongrass, vegetables and roasted chili sauce.


PepperPepperPepper Unseen Noodle Salad

Parade of seafood and minced chicken tossed with spicy lime sauce with clear noodles and vegetables.

Cold Noodle Salad   9.95
Vermicelli, shredded green papaya, shrimps, carrots, cabbage, string beans, 
tomato mixed with chili and crushed peanuts in sweet and  spicy lime dressing.


Larb Woonsen 8.95
Minced chicken, clear noodles, red onion, scallions, cilantro, dried chili and 
ground rice with spicy and sour sauce.

fish balls,and

 vegetables in coconut milk soup.


Pepper Spicy
PepperPepper Hot and Spicy
PepperPepperPepper Very Hot and Spicy